• Catalog Websites: So Much More Than Xeroxed Catalogs!

Catalog Websites for Manufacturers and Distributors

What is a Catalog Website?

A catalog website empowers your manufacturing / product creating / distributing business with resellers, buyers, and end consumers when done correctly.

Many think of a catalog website as something mainly used by businesses who sell B to B to give their distributors a place to download a product line-up / spec sheet and price list, and maybe some standard downloadable product photos: in other words, a digital version of a print catalog. But did you know you that these play a role in your B to C sales as well?

When it comes to B to B sales, many manufacturers and distributors believe that, since they’re not selling directly consumers, they do not need to put effort into the contents, photography, and branding of their product on their website and lose out on the amazing marketing potential their product line-up actually has, and leave it up to resellers, people less invested in your products and brands than you are, and a really risky way to do business.

At Artisan Crew, as both long-term marketing strategy and website developers for manufacturers and manufacturer's reps, as well as being resellers ourselves, we know firsthand the necessity of manufacturers and brands having a great catalog website, along with great marketing collateral and a cohesive branding plan. Getting chains and shops to carry your inventory requires a great product and giving buyers enough information to know how great your products really are. But they also want to know that consumers want them, and that's where a well done catalog website beats the pants off a downloadable pdf spec sheet.

Which leads us to what a BtoC Catalog Site can be. As a manufacturer, you can't leave your entire marketing strategy up to your resellers, or hope buyers will put the effort into selling your products that it's going to take to keep you in business. By creating a catalog site with all your products that end users / consumers can have access to through web marketing, you can then either enable the consumer to make a shopping list to take to a retail outlet that carries your product, or contact you for information on where to get it. You help your sales, your resellers, and your brand awareness by targeting not only resellers, but THEIR customers as well.

They actually aren't just online versions of your print material. Sorry.
The ARE an important component in your larger marketing plan.

Why Manufacturers / Creators Need Amazing Catalog Sites

A lot of manufacturers ask us:

And aside from that rarely being the actual truth, here are our top reasons why developing and maintaining an amazing catalog website is a necessary investment.

Increased Trust

Having a nice, functional, up-to-date website increases your reputation in the eyes of consumers and resellers, adding to your credibility and their trust in you. Consumers are more likely to buy a product if they trust the manufacturer.

Unified Marketing & Branding

By providing resellers with hi-res images, good marketing collateral, and informative, well-written contents you help ensure that your products are represented how you want them to be.

Helps Resellers Sell

If your site only provides the basic information about your product, it hinders a site's or store's ability to sell it. By giving them the unique selling points, specs, uses, limitations, compatibility, and other information, you empower your resellers to sell, which makes you more money, too.

Educates Consumers Directly

Today’s consumer tries to find the lowest-effort information available. In most cases, this is through the internet, where they can browse and inform themselves at their own speed and on their schedule. By having an informative, consistent, correct resource for consumers to consult, you allow them to learn about your product, increasing brand awareness and their likelihood of seeking out your product to buy.

Improves Reseller Relationships

By taking the time to get images, catch, and contents for your products, you save your resellers the time it would take to perform those tasks. This makes them more likely to add more products rom your brand to their lineup, because they know it will be easy to do. When a reseller knows they will need to spend time reshooting, researching, testing, and rewriting contents, their likelihood of purchase decreases

Increases Demand

By educating customers, you drive sales at the store level, increasing stores’ purchase orders and potentially expanding your distribution. Your site acts as a second salesman, one who is always around and always has the answers. When consumers are unsure about purchasing your item, your site gives them the reason they need to do so.

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