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Offering S.E.O. services since 2002 to local Los Angeles area, Japanese, and international companies.

Results: Constant Growth for Client and Internal Businesses

Millions in Increased Client and Internal Revenues

Artisan Crew S.E.O. Case Studies / Results

Top 5 every time

We Get Results in English and Japanese.

Since we started offering our white-hat organic search engine optimization services in 2002, we have never failed to rank in the top 5 organic search results we have promised a client. This goes for all our SEO clients, both in the US and Japan. Because we also run a business based on S.E.M., we know how much time, work, and money it takes to optimize for keywords, so when we tell you we can do something, we back that up. Good SEO is about return on investment, and while it’s not necessarily about being #1 on any given keyword, if you're not at the top where your customers and clients are looking, your website probably isn't worth what it cost you to create.

Search Engine Optimization Intellectual Property Law Firm

After a total site optimization, this Intellectual Property Law Firm ranked and maintained top rankings for the competitive keywords for which we optimized their site.

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"ACE" Study 1: S.E.O. Based Client Revenues

Increased sales over $2 million in one year term.

Case study: 1 Client, $2 million increase in sales based on our SEO work alone

When this client came to us looking for a new search engine marketing partner, we responded to their call. Through our SEO work and strategies we increased their revenue for them by over $2MM in one year, even though their sector's sales were down across the board. They changed nothing that year in their advertising and marketing except our SEO strategy and execution. Booyah. We retain our clients for years because we help them grow. And for a company that would rather have satisfied long-term clients than do a bunch of sales and have a high turn-over, this works out perfectly.

Branding / Information Website Motorcycle Specialty Parts Manufacturer

One year, $2 million increase in sales because of Artisan Crew's S.E.O. work.

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SEO Case Study 2: Better ROI

Artisan Crew SEO over 10,000 daily unique visitors

SEO Case study #2: More traffic every day than a booth at their industry’s biggest trade show and at a fraction of the cost.

One of our clients, a motorcycle parts manufacturer and distributor, has tens of thousands of product genres, brand names, items and parts names as well as category related keywords relevant to their online shopping and branding sites.

For several years running, we helped maintain 1st to 5th place organic search engine results for those relevant keywords and keyword phrases resulting in over 10,000 unique visitors a day.

That’s unique visitors, not “hits”.

We mean more relevant and interested individual visitors every day than they’d get if they set up and ran a trade booth in the most popular show in their sector, and at a fraction of the cost, so for those of you manufactures spending the bulk of your marketing budget on one or two big trade shows a year, consider an investment in Artisan Crew’s search engine marketing and let’s see if we can’t help you get top trade show traffic every day.

Back to the case study. With increased traffic, this client had a major increase in sales. This helped our client shift their focus from distributor / reseller to an actual manufacturer and they were able to go on to create, manufacture, and with our help brand their own line of motorcycle related products including a Bluetooth intercom that lead sales in the Japanese market.

By significantly increasing their profits and helping them change their focus to manufacturing, we also secured their branding, video and social network marketing work, making this a win-win situation all around.

SEO Case Study 3: Niche target marketing

Targeted niche market S.E.O.; Sales doubled

Thanks to a successful SEO campaign, our client got maximum visibility in a specialty market which brought double the sales.

Our client, an international office products and manufacturer needed to roll out both widely known office products with a high volume of competition already available in the US market as well as highly specialized arts and office related equipment.

With thousands of products and competition from places like Staples, the financial strain of search engine optimizing ALL of their products for top five rankings wasn’t feasible.

So we helped them get clever with their marketing budget. Along with targeted P.P.C. and fun and creative social media marketing campaigns, we optimized some of their specialty niche market products and the result was twice the sales from the previous year on the optimized product.

Catalog / Branding Site International Office Supplies Manufacturer

SEO is still one of the last great equalizers when it comes to taking on bigger, stronger companies with larger ad budgets.

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SEO Case Study 4: Our Base Resource

Top rankings without additional / for pay SEO services

For local businesses, our base is just better.

While Artisan Crew provides for-pay SEO services, we know that many of our local clients or clients with smaller businesses just can’t afford much of a marketing budget on top of their web design / development budget and we know how important it is to make every cent count.

When a Realtor in Seattle needed an information website for her business to pull in both local Washington State based clients and Japanese overseas looking to relocate to the U.S., she came to us and had us develop her a c.m.s. based information website.

While we didn’t provide her with our specialized SEO services, we made sure the basics were built into it above and beyond the template and generalized contents management systems (wordpress etc.) readily available to her competitors and now she’s smoking them in her sector.

Marketing / Information Site Seattle Realtor

Have you ever wondered why some local service and shop sites just come up way higher than yours on a search engine? We’ve build a business on knowing why that happens.

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Case Study 5: Proof in the Pudding

You're reading this right now.

You found us. And that's how we do all our sales.

We're glad you found us because that's what we do. If a company sells SEO as a service, their clients should find them, not the other way around. If a web marketing or development company has cold-called you, emailed you, barged into your office like I.T. Stormtroopers rather than you finding them, run away in the opposite direction, and hide your checkbook.

We’ve been in business since 2001, and in that time we have never had a sales staff. Think about what this means just a little; We get All our business through some kind of online marketing; the service for which you're hiring a pro to guide you. In our business, you should find us. Our website is our best and only sales force, and should speak for us so YOU can choose.

Competing with the big dogs

From the time we initially developed this site for a client in 2003, to when we first took the total operations of this online shop in 2007, we maintained top 5 search engine rankings for keywords national and multinational companies we ranking for, for over 8 years. With an extremely limited full-time shop staff and our inhouse SEO chops, we did millions in revenue based mainly on the strength of our SEO efforts. Yes, we were up against Brookstone and Sharper Image, and we beat them at their game on a shop run with only 2 full-time dedicated staff.

From a service standpoint as well as an actual bottom line issue, we know the importance of SEO and how it fits into an overall marketing plan. The success of our shops is based on a carefully researched and maintained 1-2 punch of SEO & SEM, and we strongly believe that online success is results from using both methods.

How many other agencies can say they have built and run successful shops based on their strong combination of SEM skills with SEO being a huge part of their revenues? We are one of the few marketing agencies which runs online shops itself, so we are more in touch with what it takes to be successful online than an agency who only makes revenues selling a service. For us is a life-and-death issue, not a value-added service we keep a few coders around for.

eCommerce Site Massager Machines & More (One of Ours!)

We competed with Brookstone, Sharper Image, and other national chan stores for massager related keywords, and won. Millions in sales with a limited staff makes this an S.E.O. success story. (Responsive Web Renewal SOON!)

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Our websites are our best, and only, salespeople.

Artisan Crew