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What is a Contents Management System (CMS)?

A CMS is a system (a software / html interface) that allows publishing, editing and modifying contents, and makes creating web content extremely easy even for people who don't know a line of HTML. It reduces the need for coding individual pieces of content. Sites such as Facebook, Tumblr, and blog sites use custom CMSs to allow users to upload content and be displayed in a certain way. In this way, when you upload a picture or share a link on Facebook, it automatically formats and codes it to look and act a certain way.

How this affects you: if you wish to run a site with user-submitted content or which you would like to easily manage the content you post, a CMS is the easiest way to do it. It allows the content to be posted in a uniform way, as you wish it to be posted, with a minimum of coding necessary for each post.

Why Use a CMS?

Advantages of Content Management Systems

Why Use A Content Management System?

CMS Advantage: Ease of Use

In general, the main advantage of a CMS is the ease-of-use. A CMS allows users or site operators to easily upload, modify, and delete content. It defeats the purpose to make one which is time-consuming or hard to use.

CMS Advantage: Little Technical Skill Needed

A CMS allows the user to upload content without needing to know html or other technical skills. This is advantageous to most site owners because (according to our staff) html is really hard.

So a CMS is right for you-Why Use A Custom Content Management System?


Custom CMS Advantage: Flexibility

We can make whatever you need. The cost depends on your needs, goals, and current system (if applicable). It also depends on how many base designs/formats you want for your site. The content can be managed by you, so you have full control over your site and what goes on it.


Custom CMS Advantage: Increased Traffic Through SEO

You can probably already guess what we're am going to say, because we've said the same thing on almost every page of this site. SEO is key to driving traffic, and you can’t effectively optimize with a packaged solution.


Custom CMS Advantage: Breathing Room (For the Winter Months)

Successful sites often quickly outgrow their packaged software and need customization for new needs / features. They get, in a more literal sense of the phrase "too big for their britches" and need some room to expand. It's natural and happens to many businesses. What it means is that you'll probably need a custom CMS afterall. If you’re going to need custom software anyway, why not start with custom?

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