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artisan crew internet marketing is the creative fun profitable reliable part of your overall online branding and internet marketing plan.

Branding / Marketing Concept Creation Branding & Marketing Concept Creation
Search Engine Marketing; S.E.O. / P.P.C. / C.P.M. Search Engine Marketing; S.E.O. & P.P.C. / C.P.M.
Social Media Marketing / Viral Marketing Social Media Marketing & Viral Marketing
Online Marketing Success

Artisan Crew has earned millions of dollars in increased revenue for both clients and internal properties using continuously updated and tested S.E.M. methods, as well as highly successful S.M.M. on sites such as Facebook and Pinterest, as well and viral internet media creation.

Still need more information? We've got this. Maybe you think web marketing is just for national or international brands?
Think about it this way, when was the last time you used the Yellowpages? You probably can't remember.
From multinational corporations selling from Asia to Europe, to a local Los Angeles food truck, people are finding you online or nowhere, and you can't afford to be nowhere or to waste your advertising budget on things that don't bring in new customers, clients, or leads.

We make your website into your best salesperson.

Artisan Crew's internet marketing.

Web Marketing Methods

Internet Marketing Options: Your Personalized Strategy

A website without web marketing isn't seen.

Our service process

First comes the branding and web marketing strategy meeting. Then, if we're building your website, comes the website design based on the marketing-centered, goal based development blueprint. When your branding / information website or ecommerce site goes live, we move to the web marketing stage of our services.

The internet marketing section of this program has a combination of S.E.O., P.P.C., viral and social media marketing that best suits your needs and budget.


We work out an internet branding and marketing plan that's customized for your product, service, or solution.


We use a client specific targeted web marketing plan in either English or Japanese, targeting either specific local markets like Los Angeles or New York or Chicago or the Japanese market, and utilize the most traffic and cost effective methods to achieve our goals.


1. Increased revenues with a great R.O.I.

2. Successful branding, a powerful brand image.

3. A reliable, creative, consistent online partnership.

Need more information on specific web marketing methods?

Gladly. Click on the tab to read a summary about the web marketing technique, then click to the page you're interested in.

Or don't, I'm a website, not the police.

Search Engine Marketing: S.E.O.

Search Engine Optimization, S.E.O., is one of the most basic but at the same time most misunderstood tools in a web marketer's toolbox.

Everybody knows that they probably want their website to come in in the top several organic results on Google, but very few sites do. We'll explain a little about how we increased one client's one year sales by $2 million dollars just with S.E.O., but we'll also explain why those emails from off-shore firms promising you that kind of result for $200 a month is a big fat pants-on-fire-liar-mcliarson lie.

Read more about S.E.O.

Search Engine Marketing:
Google AdWords / P.P.C. Text Ads

Pay per click text ads on Google, Bing, and Yahoo (yes, some countries like Japan still use Yahoo even if the US doesn't): You've seen them, clicked on them, but don't know how they actually work, or need to work for your web properties.

We've run AdWords campaigns since AdWords began, and can make sure your R.O.I. is sky high, and your budget doesn't go to waste.

If you'd like more details about what P.P.C. is, and how we've done millions in sales from our online shops thanks to our skills, click the long button please.

Read more about Google AdWords /
P.P.C. search engine marketing

S.N.S / Social Media Marketing

Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Linkedin. All the kids have an account now-a-days and they always have their faces in their smartphones doing the social network thing.

Wait. Did we say "kids"? We meant EVERYBODY. Well, ALMOST EVERYBODY.
According to Pew Research, about 75% of online adults are social networking site users. Those are your customers or potential customers. How's your dialog with them now? How would you like it to be?

According to our 12+ years experience on the social network stage and behing the scenes with large internet communities, we know that as a business social media can be your best friend, and your absolute worst enemy.

If you'd like to know more about how we help businesses navigate and diffuse the shark-filled-nitroglycerin-time-bomb-sleepy-cranky-baby that is online users, but also inform and entertain them in sincere and honest ways so we can help you do things that we've done for ourselves (70,000 + motivated and enthusiastic fans and growing on Facebook for a boutique sock shop we run) and for other companies.

Read more about S.N.S /
Social Media Marketing

Viral Marketing
(Word-of-mouth Marketing)

Viral marketing's a fairly recent buzz word in the online sector. But do other companies claim they can succeeed 100% percent of the time?

No. And neither do we because that would be an absolute lie from anyone's mouth.

But we can explain why viral marketing's not just a buzz-word-du-jour, well, that it is, but it actually can help save or build your business and is a great equilizer in this day and age of social network marketing.

We can also explain how we've launched client brands for very little money and no television ad budget by harnessing viral content, and seeding it out there honestly and directly so there was no user backlash later.

Read more about Viral Marketing
(Word-of-mouth Marketing)

Internet Branding

Branding Branding Branding. Jon Snow knows nothing about using the internet for branding products and companies, and neither do a shocking SHOCKING number of companies offering "web marketing" services in Los Angeles, and in Tokyo, and in Stockholm we assume, but the Swedes might have it together a little more than the rest, so we're not going to make broad assumptions that malign our brethren in the extreme north. Of Europe.

But we can say that we've had clients who were able to launch brands, increase sales, and become a sector leader after coming to us to help them create a constant brand image, and then get that out to a wide international audience online, without, once again, buying television time.

Click on that button if you'd like to know more about what it is, and methods we use to do it.

More about Internet Branding

Custom web marketing strategies for your brand.
Whitehat SEM, no spamming, no link mills.
We show online respect to your customers, products, and brands as if they were ours.
Online brand management experts, Artisan Crew, Los Angeles.