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Offering eCommerce site development since 2003 to local Los Angeles, Japanese, and international companies.

Results: Win / Win sales results for Clients and Internal Businesses

Millions and millions in sales, secure safe online shopping experience for shop customers

Online Shop Case Study #1

Artisan Crew Shop Owners as well as Shop Creators

From $6,000 to over $100,000 a month: a Win / Win situation.

We Talk the talk and walk the walk.

From the time we initially developed this site for a BtoB client who wanted to test the BtoC waters in 2003, to when we first took the total operations of this online shop in 2007, we maintained top 5 search engine rankings for keywords national and multinational companies we ranking for, for over 7 years, and beat out top national competitors. With an extremely limited full-time shop staff and our inhouse SEO chops, we did millions in revenues based mainly on the strength of our SEO efforts. Yes, we were up against Brookstone and Sharper Image, and we beat them at their game on a shop run with only 2 full-time dedicated staff.

From a service stand-point as well as an actual bottom line issue, we know the importance of SEO, SEM, changing markets and increasing competition and how that fits into an overall marketing plan. The success of our shops is based on a carefully researched and maintained 1-2 punch of SEO & SEM & SMS / Viral creativity, and we strongly believe that online success is results from using a careful balance of various methods.

How many other agencies can say they have built and run successful shops based on their strong combination of SEM skills with SEO being a huge part of their revenues? We are one of the few marketing agencies which runs online shops itself, so we are more in touch with what it takes to be successful online than an agency who only makes revenues selling a service. For us is a life-and-death issue, not a value-added service we keep a few coders around for.

eCommerce Site Massager Machines & More (One of Ours!)

We competed with Brookstone, Sharper Image, and other national chain stores for massager related keywords, and won. Millions in sales with a limited staff and strong SEM made this an S.E.O. success story. (Responsive Web Renewal SOON!)

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Online Shop Case Study #2

Over 10,000 Unique Visitors A DAY with Artisan's SEO

More visitors every day than a trade show booth

When this Japanese motorcycle parts manufacturer / distributor needed a brand new ecommerce site, we partnered up with them on a partial commission base for two reasons; one, so they could keep their initial outlay for site development down, and an online shop with tens of thousands of products can be an extensive and expensive prospect, and two, because we knew we could help them sell. We’re happy to report that to date we’re both very satisfied with the results.

eCommerce Site Motorcycle Specialty Parts Manufacturer

This innovative motorcycle specialty parts manufacturer trusted us to set them apart from the crowd and build, optimize, and drive traffic their B-to-C shopping site.

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Online Shop Case Study #3

Maximizing Social Media's Power For a Young Brand

Repeated Viral Shares on Facebook = Happy Fan Sales

From zero to hero, Artisan Socks. A few years ago, we sat down as a company and wanted to do something fun and creative that would also let us play around a lot on social media, and set up fun photo shoots, and see how much we could get done on the strength of our ideas alone. And we did this for two reasons.
One, because a happy company is a motivated company, and we love to love as we learn and experience.
Two is a little more serious. Reason number two is because we test our all new ecommerce modules, practices, social network methods and styles and concepts on our own properties before we use them on a client. Artisan Socks, aside from being an actual true labor of love, is also a way for us to have fun learning the very serious ins and outs of social media marketing, and how to get the most sales and most satisfied customers while using the fewest marketing dollars possible. Not only has it been a huge success in term of fun and experience for us, it's also got an extremely high ROI because most of what we invest in this ecommerce site are ideas.

Ecommerce Site Artisan Socks (One of ours, responsive web redesign coming soon!)

80,000 Facebook fans and counting and countless viral pins on Pinterest = Love, fun, & sales

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Online Shop Case Study #4

Now we're just being silly. Seriously.

530,000 people and then a national TV audience reached with 1 Viral Post.

Lightning strikes twice with Artisan Crew viral ecommerce planning.

Ecommerce Site Cushzilla (One of ours!)

From international media attention, to a national television spot, the strength of viral content keeps us in a very silly business and let's us get attention for serious things.

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Our websites are our best, and only, salespeople.

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