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Project Management ERP Core System (ProManageAce)

Multilingual Multi-Currency Custom Software System

Custom System Software

We'd like to introduce our full or semi-custom multilingual, multi-currency system ProManageAce. What makes ProManageAce so special? Let's take a look at some of the things you'll be able to do once you have a custom system in place that packaged software never allowed you to.

ProManageACE is the core of an advanced enterprise resource planning (ERP) suite of software. In addition to the full line of functions you would expect to find in better sales & distribution systems (including acknowledgments, purchase orders, sales, incoming (products), inventory check, accounts receivable and accounts payable), this powerful system includes useful extras such as estimates, offers, incoming and shipping schedules.

Analyze & Maximize Profits

Maximize Profits Through Analysis

Easy Analysis Means Minimizing Cost

By using the information gathered from our unique business analysis indicator system, we can more accurately, efficiently and quickly grasp your individual business's system needs. This information can be input directly into the development of your system saving the man-hours usually spent in meetings over general system issues, and saving that extra time for the detailed specialized needs particular to your business.

The feature you've been waiting for! Now you have the option of attaching acknowledgments, purchase orders, sales, incoming or almost any category you have in your system to a project code and project sub-projects in a convenient two-tiered management system making analysis by project as easy as pushing a button.

In the accounts receivable mode, you are able to manage individually detailed sales statements, invoices, and bills. In the accounts payable mode, you are able to manage individually detailed incoming statements and bills. Down-payments, pre-payments, revolving payments and payment transactions are also covered. By having up to the minute accurate payment schedule information available, you can now micro-manage cash-flow issues.

Get accurate, reliable figures by monitoring your inventory by currency of purchase and by using one common currency for your sales and incomings. If you are about to make a dollar sales but only have yen inventory in stock, the system will flash a message and on confirmation reserve the inventory for you. If necessary, it becomes possible to transfer inventory between different currencies while having a careful record of the transaction kept.

One example is when filling in the header information, the details section is off limits for input. By using a combination of button use restrictions and input data error checks, this system becomes one of the most thorough, with the most accurate data output, available on the market today.

Even if You Change Your Mind

Customizable To Fit Your Needs

Completely customizable software to fit your exact needs.

It's your custom software, so it should be exactly what you want. Customize inputs, screen displays, and outputs (such as packing slips and invoices). It's also easily customizeable by you, so there is no maintenance cost if your needs change down the road.

You can manage inventory using up to any three of the following categories: Warehouse, Site, Manager, Project, Customer, Currency etc.
On each and every input screen you are able to choose which fields will require data entry, which to display, and decide the type of input, values, and date restrictions as well.
Since every user has different needs and priorities in what they want displayed, you can choose between one of the following three display settings; by screen, by terminal (all screens) or by established settings.
By exporting your Invoices and packing lists to Excel, you are easily able to customize forms to suit particular clients and customers.
It usually costs anywhere from $300,000 to $400,000 to custom order a system. With our ground-breaking package, we are able to provide you with a more complete system in less time from about $50,000.

Multi-Lingual, Multi-Currency, Multi-Ply

Multi-Currency and Multi-Lingual to Keep Up Across the Globe

Save Time and Money When Dealing Internationally

With ProManageACE, you can supervise each project separately by project code and connect acknowledgments, purchase orders, sales, and incoming, etc. to not only the main project's transactions, but to project sub-projects as well in a unique two-tiered project management system. ProManageACE is multilingual compatible and offers you the choice of conducting transactions and managing projects in an internationalized multilingual multi-currency format.

ProManageACE is multi-currency compatible which means you are free to use the currency of your choice, depending on your needs per-project or transaction. You can also decide to which decimal point you want reflected in calculations by currency as well as decide the same for sales tax minimizing your margin of error.
Absolutely indispensable in today's internationalized economy, the interface is available in English, Japanese, Korean, Chinese as well as many others.
By utilizing only one currency for accounts receivable and sales as well as incoming and accounts payable, you can prevent exchange rate losses.

Custom software based on your specs.
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