• Results. R.O.I. Revenue

Average c.p.a. of 1% to 3%
of product price

P.P.C. centered client launch:
company profitable in 8 months

Successful US campaign leads to
worldwide marketing

Artisan Crew P.P.C. Case Studies / Results

Our Average c.p.a. is 1% to 3% of the transaction cost per sale. That's actually pretty amazing.

Let Artisan Crew be your online marketing division.

With p.p.c. costs and competition skyrocketing, Artisan Crew knows that a wasted click is a wasted chance.
A good p.p.c. campaign can launch a product, establish a company, and solve cash flow issues.
A bad one can break the bank and run you dry.

Artisan Crew P.P.C. Case Studies / Results

PPC Leads to Profitability in 8 Months

1. Multinational company turns profit within 8 months of launching in the US market thanks to ACE PPC

When a huge Japanese telecommunications company launched in the US, they came to us to quickly launch their brand and turn a profit as quickly and sustainably as possible. After developing their site, including branding, SEO services, and content creation, we turned our sites to running their PPC advertising. Since their product did not have a clearly defined market, PPC was crucial to spreading awareness of the product and presenting its unique selling points. The PPC campaign we ran delivered $200 conversions at under $5 CPA (Cost per acquisitions). This translates to only 2.5% of the transaction cost, which maximized their ad spend and had them running in the black in under one business year.

Pay Per Click (PPC) International Telecom Company

By using PPC advertising as a base for their US advertising, this company attained profitability in their first year. (Within 8 months)

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PPC Based Client Revenues

Giving Successful Company the Stable Cash Flow They Needed

2. Immediate results create a positive cash flow for an established business

Even though this motorcycle parts manufacturer’s business was good, their cash flow wasn’t. They came to us to help them ramp up their sales without giving away all their profit. By implementing an aggressive, highly targeted PPC campaign, they were able to sell their parts, most of which sold for over $350, for about a CPA of $9 to $11. At about 3% of the transaction cost, this campaign allowed them the stable conversion rate they had so desperately sought and helped significantly increase and improve their cash flow.

Pay Per Click (PPC) Motorcycle Specialty Parts Manufacturer

Adding PPC advertising helped this company get low cost conversions and improve cash-flow.

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PPC Based Client Revenues

Launching a High-Margin Niche Product in the US

3. Worldwide launch for dollars.

When an industrial machinery company with a very limited advertising budget needed to market their specialized equipment worldwide, they came to us. We developed an easily understood, educational website and paired it with a highly targeted PPC campaign. Competition for these keywords is high, as a single acquisition can be worth over $10,000, and the market is very limited (when was the last time you needed an industrial powderizing machine?). Through research, trial, and optimization, we are able to deliver a PPC CPA of about $100 (or 1% of their sale price), which makes everybody happy. And while the start was just a US and Canada market launch, we have since been asked to increase their sales in Europe and Asia as well.

Pay Per Click (PPC) Industrial Laboratory Machinery

PPC ads were the most effective way to reach the limited customer base this company's products have.

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PPC: New, Affordable Ad Sources

eCommerce PPC through Shopping Ads

4. Google Shopping: Tapping into New Advertising Mediums

As we said in our main PPC page, PPC advertising has become increasingly difficult and competitive over the last few years. As companies with astronomically larger budgets, better margins, international brand recognition, and leverage advertise online more, sometimes the only way to compete is by finding the newest playing fields that they haven't flooded yet.

In the case of eCommerce PPC, the advent and popularity of shopping / product listing advertising has been a new way to compete. Beginning as a free service (until search engines figured out people would pay dearly for it), shopping ads presented a lower cost opportunity for our in-house eCommerce shops as well as our clients who sell products online. Since adding shopping campaigns, our in-house shops have seen CPC (cost per click) and CPA (cost per acquisition) steadily decrease. These ads have also allowed us to advertise products which otherwise would not warrant online advertising. Niche and low margin products benefit directly from this potentially cheaper form of digital advertising.

Pay Per Click (PPC) /
Shopping feeds
Internal eCommerce Shops

New avenues for digital advertising are crucial to stay ahead of the curve and continue our PPC success.

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Facebook PPC Campaigns

Reducing Spend While Increasing Relevance and Engagement

5. Facebook PPC Campaigns, real likes from engaged users as low as $.04

Thanks to creative and engaging ads, we average between $.04 and $.10 CPA (Cost Per Action) on Facebook for engaged and active users who then purchase and share the ads.

Pay Per Click (PPC) Internal eCommerce Shops

New avenues for digital advertising are crucial to stay ahead of the curve and continue our PPC success.

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Viral PPC Campaigns

Seeding Viral Campaigns Through PPC

6. Viral PPC? It’s more likely than you think. CPAs of 1/10th to 1/20th normal costs thanks to viral sharing of paid ads.

While viral PPC may seem to be a contradictory term, it’s actually a great way to increase ROI while ensuring a baseline return. By seeding viral content through PPC ads, we get our content the exposure it needs to be properly seeded and be shared, while ensuring a baseline engagement rate (if no one shares it and the only engagement we get is through PPC). We are constantly creating PPC ads with viral potential, in order to maximize our ROI. Having both effective content and targeting allows us to run viral campaigns at 1/10th to 1/20th average PPC costs.

Pay Per Click (PPC) Internal eCommerce Shops

By seeding viral campaigns through PPC advertising, we can increase lift and ROI with no extra effort (or money).

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