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Japanese Market Research: why choose us:

If you need to understand Japanese web marketing, the Japanese market, or need to have a Japanese potential client / business partner or market sector researched, contact us.


15+ years of internation business experience


10,000 hours spent
learning different market segments


100s of business professional
& connections to industry experts

Japanese Market Research Packages

All Artisan Crew web development contracts include paid market research consulting. Any company first purchasing one of these separate market research plans will have that amount deducted from the total web development plan pricing should they also purchase web development service from us.

Artisan Crew's Japanese Market Research Plans

(Custom plans also available, and we are always willing to sign an N.D.A. before the consultation. Please contact us today to get your Japanese business strategy started. )

Basic Report$800

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  • Basic Target Recommedations
  • Basic Budgeting report
  • Basic Competition research

Competitor Research$1,200

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  • Online: Who's Who
  • Brick and Mortar: Who's Who
  • Ad Strategies: How do they advertise?
  • Patent Searchs (Extra cost if law firm utilized) Can you sell in the US?


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  • Patent Searches
  • Sector Research Competitors
  • Manufacturer's Rep. Search
  • Basic Minimum Budget Necessary to enter Japanese Market
  • Marketing Strategies Effective Online / Off-line methodology
  • Contact us with your needs and we'll gladly give you a quote.