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Affordable Custom Software Built to Grow With You

Our custom software is built to grow with your business, not hinder you as you grow. Our process, big-picture focus, and pricing is designed to enable the software to grow and change as your business changes. Below are a few tenants which we follow when building our custom software.

Taking The Human Element Out of Software

The greatest hurdle in implementing a mobile software solution may be human nature. Regardless of the approach taken, providing mobile workers and people out in the field with anything close to real-time access requires careful consideration, due diligence and substantial work on the part of your custom software designer and you in-house management team. For those who make the effort and investment, real-time access to this data results in dramatic and real financial and operational improvements, as well as long-lasting, financially rewarding business relationships.

One critical step is to involve the workers on the front line (your men and women out in the field) in the decision-making in the early stages. We have meetings and ask them what features would make their jobs easier, and more efficient so we can help come up with a piece of software within your budget that maximized efficiency and minimizes waste. The people that will be using the software on a day-to-day basis need to understand that you are working with Artisan Crew Engineering to develop a custom software program that fits not only their daily needs, but also the needs of management. We aim for win/win solution.

Custom software systems are about more than servers, computers and source code. They are also about people, organizational objectives, and intuitive usability. At ACE we seek to understand an organization as if it were our own before we write one line of code. We must understand an organization's requirements, what future needs could be foreseen, and who within the organization will be using the software. Once we have complete understanding of a company's vision, we work to gain full trust and cooperation so that the end product is a well-balanced system with room to grow.

A Balanced Approach

What is balanced system software?
We like to think of it as providing a system that meets an organization's needs by balancing work flow demands, functionality and cost.

If these three factors aren’t addressed well by the mobile software developer, the result can be a piece of software that doesn’t make operations smoother and better or even an entity wide failure to implement a new software based system wasting both time and considerable fiscal outlay.

Responsibility & Experience

ACE does not outsource programming for the systems we design.
Our system engineers are directly involved throughout the development of each project, and have the rare experience of developing entire system software from start to finish.

This is a huge advantage to our customers.
Companies that rely on a salesforce to sell software and then hire “programmers” that are outsourced suffer more problems and delays because the programmers don’t understand the whole, they just work on one part. It would be like asking 50 sewers to make 50 different quilt pieces without them actually understanding what the entire product needs to look like.

The programmers simply do not understand the customer's needs because they are not directly involved. ACE's System Engineers are business professionals whose knowledge goes beyond coding. They can clearly understand a company's business model as well as build a custom software system. Other custom software companies can compete with us on this point.

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