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Actually going viral since 2010.

We've seen other agencies start writing about viral marketing, but it's just like the early SEO boom all over again...

Remember when all web firms and internet marketing agencies made sure their sales people promised to "Do SEO" because they knew clients would be incoming with that phrase while not even coming up in searches for their own company name? We do. And now it's like that all over again, but now the buzz phrase is "viral marketing". We've been actually doing it since 2010. And even though this buzzword about buzz marketing has everyone, um, buzzing, they're throwing it around like those SEO salesmen who had to find you.

In other words, other advertising agencies in Tokyo and Los Angeles read the trades and know clients are going to come in wanting the newest best most exciting thing in internet marketing; Viral. And just like SEO when SEO was "The new biggest and best thing" or SMM when it was "The new biggest and best thing", they can't actually show you any work they've done that's viral. We try to read the future of internet marketing, and head there first so we can help both our clients and internal properties shine using the least expensive, most effective marketing available at that time, and with Facebook about to start charging all businesses for posts that sound like ads to be shown, it's going to be more important than ever to make sure you're working with an agency that understands how important it is that marketing content has wings.

Viral Marketing Study #1: The value of an idea.

World-wide coverage for the cost of ideas

International Success with just an idea and a little LOT of persistence

When we launched our new line of pet goods (cat wigs and dog costumes), we started with an idea, creative creatives, and pretty much no ad budget. We focused on fun, cute, viral photography and then getting the word out by any means possible. We stalked people on Twitter, called / emailed / faxed / liked / showed up at the door of local shelters, pet stores, local news, and basically anyone who would listen. Within a year we were being internationally covered in magazines, on local, national, and international Television, and we’d grown our social media presence to a healthy fan base.


"In Touch" magazine gave us a quarter page write up so people waiting in line at the register could all know all about us just after they read an earth shattering expose about a Twitter snap of Kim Kardashian's bottom!


We got into the Daily Mail and NY Daily News, and then over 30 different online publications including Catster, media in several languages and Yahoo! News.


We got Michael Simon to hate on us on national TV. Even though we love love love him. But we understand that he doesn't want his dog to wear a wig. Kind of.

World-wide media coverage on the strength of a photo campaign.

Branding Site /
Online shop
Cushzilla Pet Wigs and Costumes

It about a little more than just making our cats and dogs internet famous. A little.

Viral Marketing #2: More buzz for a buck.

What ACE Viral Can do For Your Business

Saved from the brink of failure by an Artisan Crew viral & marketing

The Company

A Japanese costume manufacturer was on the brink of closing the door on their US market entirely; they were short on money and running out of time. Due to previous unfortunate ad agency choices they found themselves cash-poor with nothing to show for it except 17 Facebook fans, zero brand recognition, no market insight, almost no sales, and a broken website. In short, they were bleeding money at an astounding rate which, if left unfixed, would mean the end of their US operations.

The Challenge

They came to us with the remains of their budget, and we started from scratch on a new brand concept and a wider, more lucrative target market. Because they’d run through most of their budget already, they simply did not have enough left to run a successful PPC campaign. They also did not have the time to invest in SEO, because Halloween was right around the corner and it was make-or-break for them at that point. They needed to make a splash during their busy season and they needed to do it cheaply. That’s where we came up with the idea to make it viral instead of just traditional advertising, and went to work.

The Results

We were able to generate 10 to 20 TIMES as much traffic to the site than traditional p.p.c. advertising. In other words, we got them the visibility and traffic they needed to survive for 1/10 to 1/20th of the cost of traditional PPC advertising. Additionally, they gained 3000 new LEGITIMATE & ENGAGED Facebook fans per month thanks to the fun viral effect of the campaign and site. Their sales increased, their brand started being in demand, and they were able to remain is the American market, even expanding their lines to include more costumes.

Branding Site / Online Shop Costume Manufacturer

From the brand name to the targeting to their customer base, this company came in blind. After re-evaluating everything and relaunching FROM SCRATCH (Concept, brand name, viral idea & content creation, logo, branding site, ecommerce site) in a ridiculously short time and in a time for Halloween, we were able to save the day, and this company.

Viral Study #3: Relaunching with a single post.

Viral Content Gets Us Fans

Facebook: 1 Post, + viral lift of the inexpensively seeded contents = over 530,000 people reached

The post seen around the world that relaunched a brand.

Facebook Page (Post) Cushzilla

How much would it normally cost to get 530,000 eyes, 8822 likes and 438 shares on one Facebook post? If the CPM were around 10 dollars, $5300. We did it with an idea and a little seeding money to give it wings. If you want to pay full price for the eyes on your ads, ignore this. Advertise the old fashioned way or not at all. But if you want each ad buy to result in 10x or more the reach of normal methods, think about talking to Artisan Crew about making traditional ads into viral content.

Viral Marketing Case Study #4: Branding and CI using viral content.

So you don't have a "viral product" you say?

Cat Wigs and Sushi socks are viral products. But As Virgin Atlantic knows, you don't have to be a viral product to be a viral brand. And maybe you're just not used to thinking about your line up that way. We're here to let you know that you don't need to be goofy, or slap stick, or even campy if that's not your brand, but you can be welcoming and inclusive and fun.

Viral Marketing #5: 1 Video = 240,000+ plays

Viral Videos Put Substance Behind the Corporate Face

Visibility through viral videos: Over 240,000 Youtube views

(Japanese Only) Branding content with a twist! on Facebook with over 770 likes and 240,000 YouTube Views and rising.

More bang for your buck. Campaign specific viral internet marketing contents.

Artisan Crew