• Vision and Visibility.

With a new clever B.I.
this company became loved by distributors & customers alike


We helped this company achieve
20 times the brand awareness
with one new branding site

This company almost failed
their US initiative and were at a loss.
Our site and powerful branding strategy saved the day

Artisan Crew Branding

Using the creatives like SEM, SMM, Viral and creative content creation pared with our solid technical background, we offer our clients comprehensive branding services to take your business to the next level.

Using a powerful range of internet marketing and web development techniques, we maximize your website development outlay with proven results.

Businesses coming to us are looking for more than "just a website", they're looking for an agency to pair up with who can use the most modern and effective online marketing

Most businesses coming to us have had some kind of website before. Maybe it was a free template offered by their hosting service, or a skinned c.m.s. with their logo inserted at the top done by a local "web designer". Maybe it was a super fancy flash site that looked great but was invisible on search engines. Maybe it was ok for the times, but now doesn't work on mobile devices and tablet. And most of all, maybe, however much they paid for it was too much because it failed to bring in new customers or leads and had no effect at all on their bigger picture branding.

Our websites are about much more that just a visual design or single technology. Our website are developed with the big-picture in mind, and to be the comprehensive online representative of your total branding and business plans.

Branding The combination of the brand message, and getting that message heard = Branding

If you're serious about doing business, a website is never actually "just a website". Getting seen, and what is seen when you have eyes on you are all part of a total branding plan that will keep your business ahead of the competition.

Branding Cases By Artisan Crew

Branding Case Study #1

The Wonderful & Colorful, Lion Office Products


This massive Japanese market leading office supply maker wanted to show more of their true colors to the American market. Founded in 1792, this company understand changing with the time, but keeping a timeless artistry, and they entrusted us with giving that a face and voice online and via community tie-ins with online initiatives.

Getting the Brand Out


Branding via PPC + SEO


Finding Connections
via Facebook's reach


Viral sharing of the fun & Community Outreach

This company knew they were going up against huge stationery supply giants and counted on us to find creative ways to not go head-to-head dollar-wise, but instead find creative online marketing strategies to help make the US market love them as much as the Japanese and Asian markets do.

Helping the brand shine through

We understand that a great client has a great product, and that it's our job to let their natural beauty shine through. That's where branding meets Artisan Crew art direction.

We also were lucky enough to be working with a client who loved their products enough to want everybody involved to have a little fun with things. Who says office supplies can't be sexy? (Or funny, because we had a lot of fun hiding little easter eggs around the site for site visitors to find.) We also strongly believe that things like information video can be more than informative, that they can be fun.

Running the social network fan page for this client is especially fun because we get to help them run contests that benefit their local community and helps them find their best local color as well.

Branding Case Study #2

Japanese Motorcycle Part Manufacturer & Distributor


When we first started internet marketing for this client, they were a mid-sized motorcycle parts distributor who needed to team up with a powerhouse online. After a Japanese SEO firm failed to do more than give them pretty rankings reports, their president search the world web and found us here in Los Angeles. They were our client for several years before we actually met face-to-face, but by the time we did, they'd used their online success to form the basis of their shift from distributor to manufacturer become one of the top manufacturers in their segment. That's branding, and that's the power of a web well done.

Getting the Brand Out


Dominated the Search Engines
Organic SEO & PPC


Facebook and


Viral Contents
Spread by Brand Advocates

By optimizing their branding website, catalog site, and ecommerce sites for category phrases, brand names, and related keywords, we were able to bring this company's name and sites out in front of anybody looking for something in their industry. Combining both massively increasing the frequency of how often their sites were seen, and then by carefully planning and executing the quality and marketing plan for what was seen, our branding efforts increased the branded searches for this company by 10 to 20 times depending on the product.

The Brand Image

The trick here was to both have a unified brand image across product lines, but to also have the separate product groups be able to go head to head with other brands on the market, and win.

To better highlight their specialized product line-up of in-house motorcycle accessories and parts, we created a lifestyle branding section for them.

To increase the potential for brand visibility and positioning, we carried the concepts across the online shop and catalog sites we developed and designed for them, as well as created an outlet for direct consumer contact and communication with the brand to increase customer loyalty and to give a face to the brand.

Branding Case Study #3

Mobile Hotspot Service Provider


When this 30 year old Japanese telecommunications company with the largest market share in their sector in Japan decide to start selling their mobile hotspot services in the US, they came to us looking to get their North American branch running in the black using as little a marketing and web budget as humanly (business-ly) possible. They were a little late entering the market and already have two powerful, well funded, and excellently reviewed competitors. Aside from, well AT&T and Verizon and such. Who are really well funded. Really.

How We Got The Word About Their Brand Out


Maximized Visibility
with SEO+PPC


Created a Facebook
Fan Page That Got Shared


Created a Media Campaign to get legitimate reviews, went viral

The Brand Image

After extensively analyzing their market, we identified three separate potential markets / user types for their services and crafted an approach that would appeal to each segment, separately.

Branding Case Study 4

American Medical Imaging Manufacturer of Digital X-ray Solutions

When Avalon Medical Imaging was tasked with introducing an amazing portable digital x-ray upgrade to hospitals, private practices and international agencies, they chose Artisan Crew to help them create the online web brand, turn that vision into branded online material and then optimize their site for success.

This website proved to be such a good online salesperson for them, when AMI was absorbed by parent company iCRco years later, they took the site with them because it was still generating online leads.

Their advanced innovation + our branding and optimization = Still drawing leads after 5 years.


SEO & Creative copywriting
Visitors through Optimization


Clear Brand Identity
Captures the company's essence

Product photo shoot on site

First came hearings with executives, Q&A sessions about the products & solutions and this cutting edge industry. Next came learning about who would be searching for these products, how, and what they most needed answered was the start of this branding website. Tens if not more hours were spent before a single line of catch or code was written.

And once the research on how to best target whom in terms of keywords, information, resources and knowledge was finished, the visual identity and powerful tagline copywriting started.

We are proud to say this branding website helped generate leads for this amazing Californian company.

Branding Case Study 5

Men's Fashion Brand / Specialty Apparel


When this client first approached us with their amazing hidden pocket nanotechnology men's wear line of shirts and Jackets, we started this project consulting with an intellectual property attorney to help them make sure they weren't stepping on any design patent toes. The company had already had one failed launch that involved a website that couldn't be found on any search engines because of how it was designed, a name that was unappealing to their target market and just plain unfashionable, and a local TV commercial that made almost no sales.

How We got The Brand Out (After Doing Focus Groups, Changing the Brand Name, Image, Concept and Logo)


Maximized Visibility
with SEO+PPC


Created a Facebook
Fan Page That Got Shared


A Magic
Trade Show and Demo

Top search engine results, blog entries, and attention followed.

The New and Improved Brand Image

The original marketing concept forgot about fashion, and treated this amazing super spy shirt as an old dude's catalog buy. We used their natural strengths, the Japanese modern fashion element and the nano high techness of it all to move from specialty catalog item to fashion brand.

Branding portfolio here

Come see us about getting seen.

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