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You've Probably Heard the Following About Social Media Marketing:

We Need More Likes!

Jim "I like That!" Smith

We Need More Shares!

Tina "Overshare" Berkowitz

We Need a Facebook Page for Our Business! It increases sales!

Joanne "Big Ideas" Johnson

We Need to Post More! More! More!

Mike "It's Just Mike"

Yes, but WHY is social media marketing important?

Let's start with why to use social media, then get into how.

Social Networks: A Cynical Definition

Social Networks are places where people willingly give up large amounts of personal information in order to fill the need of being accepted. They then share more and more of that personal information with people who have also shared the same pieces of information about themselves. Also, they’re doing it on a massive scale. And they willingly participate in two-way communications with brands. Facebook has as many daily users as Google. That’s right. There are as many people complaining about how slow their Netflix is and posting pictures of yet another dinner alone as there are people connecting to the greatest compilation of knowledge in the history of the universe. And these people shop. And complain about your stuff in public when you mess up. And you can commit brand suicide if you handle it incorrectly.

What This Means For Your Social Network Marketing:


More Precise Targeting

Because of all this personal information being freely disseminated (and because of all those Terms and Conditions which have gone unread) you can pinpoint exactly who you want to advertise to with much more precision than SEM. Whether you want to advertise to Torrance web marketing companies or Japanese social media managers in New York or Tokyo, you can target exactly who you want to.

More Personal Interaction

Businesses can also make Facebook pages, and people will become fans of your page and you can interact on a much more personal level than broad PPC marketing. You can hold contests, survey the people who know you best, give away free stuff, and post tons of pictures of cats. In short, you get to shed the mask of business and give people your human side.

Viral Possibilities Galore

Through all the stuff you do in step 2, you can get free advertising through viral content sharing. You post a picture of a cat (or literally anything else) and someone sees it. Then they share it. And then a few more people see it, and soon (if you’re doing it right) you’ve gotten hundreds, thousands, possibly millions of people to see your content, see your brand, see that your brand is cool, etc FOR the price of a post. What’s the price of a post? Whatever it cost to create that content, photo, joke, meme, contest, or video, and that’s what we’re here to do for you!


You can extend your branding through your social media presence. Whether you’re cool, geeky, pretentious, or humble, you can express and extend that image. Through marketing collateral, advertising, contests, surveys, and all other types of fan interaction, you can craft your brand image to be what you want the world to see.

Bottom Line: You Can Win

Big businesses struggle too, because this is not a competency which they can just throw money at to win (unlike SEO, PPC, and Viral to an extent). In fact, bigger companies have a hard time succeeding due in part to their large size. The bigger the company, the more exposure they have, and the more careful they need to be to not tarnish their branding. This gives small and mid-sized businesses a chance to compete by leveraging their smaller size to innovate rather than stagnate, outmaneuvering the slower competition.

SMM Management, not a job for an intern.

Social Media Management & Online Brand Management is Waaaaaaaaay Harder Than it Looks

It's hard if you aren't an online user expert, even for big businesses

With even large corporations failing on social networks, nobody’s claiming it’s easy. But with even large corporations understanding it’s necessary, it’s time for all you small to mid-sized business to step up your game and make sure you’re both utilizing these amazing tools and platforms where you still have a chance to take on the big guys and win, and not committing corporate suicide by stinking at it.

We don't want to point fingers

But it seems like every week

Another business is tanking

Due to social media mismanagement

There's a secret recipe involved in successful social media management & We'll cook up just the right thing for your business.

Customer Service
Customer Service:

Social media isn’t just a way to extend your brand, it’s also a place for users to come praise, complain, or ridicule.
The entity in charge of your page needs to be able to handle those issues quickly and well and appropriately for a brand manager.
If a customer's complaint / question / comment isn't answered appropriately, honestly, and quickly, all whatever can and does break loose.

Fan Magnet:

Social Network Marketing is a two-way street; your fans and followers need to be given some kind of merit or incentive for following or liking you. Just posting ads hawking your stuff will alienate fans. Your content needs to be good for you AND your fans. If the content doesn’t bring in more fans and likes AND entertain the fans you currently have, it has no value.

Brand Manager
Brand Manager:

As one of the most consumer-facing outlets your brand has, your social media interactions need to be in line with your brand’s identity. The viral nature of social media can be your downfall if the wrong post, comment, or message goes viral. It only takes one wrong step to be the laughing stock of the internet. And then be no one.

Online Ambassador
Online Ambassador:

Communicating with customers, fans, and random people is different online than it is for a storefront. It is crucial for a social media manager to be able to interact with the different types of people effectively while using each interaction as a way to strengthen your brand.

ROI Master:

Every post the SMM makes is an investment in your brand. The time, money, and effort they take means they need a quantifiable return. They understand that the job of a Social Media Manager is not to make posts, it’s to develop the brand and generate conversions.

Why choose ACE (aka "How to Make a Good Investment")

Why to Choose Artisan Crew as Your Social Media Marketers

We Know The Value of Social Media

And How To Extract It

Facebook Marketing

With 80,000 Facebook Page likes for our own sock shop’s page we know how to maximize ‘likes’ for a miniscule budget and how to turn that into consistent revenues.


As part of our integrated social media marketing we get sales and conversions from followers and a whole bunch of lovely people who pin our cute items.


Cushzilla cat and dog wigs got international coverage and made national TV because our Social Network marketer on the job knew how to get attention, the good kind, online.

BFB (Before Facebook)

We have massive behind-the-scenes social platform experience since 2002. One of our founders worked behind the scenes with Fark.com, an influential and well-known news aggregating social network, for about 8 years. During that time we had countless experiences with massive online communities and were able to analyze, observe, and interact with internet communities giving us invaluable experiences that just being a Facebook or Twitter “power user” can’t give.

See Some Artisan Crew S.M.M. Case Studies Here

From Local Businesses to International Corporations, Social Media Marketing isn't a Trend, it's a Lifeline.

Artisan Crew

Social Media Management FAQs

Asking the Right Questions

Let's revisit the quotes from the top of the page. These are things we hear all the time, but don't get to the depth they need to to be useful.

We Need More Likes!

What We Ask: How many fans do you have? How did you get them? What do you give them in order to keep them?

Why it Matters: In the world of over scrutinized and under analyzed metrics, Page Likes ranks right near the top. Of course, all things being equal, more page likes is better than fewer. But what really matters is the quality of fans you’re connecting with. Fan quality is not a judgment of their morality, income, or music taste, necessarily. It refers to how well your fan base aligns with your brand and your target audience.

We Aren't Getting Enough Shares!

What We Ask: What do your fans want? Are you giving it to them? Are you engaging and amusing and informing and entertaining the people who have liked you? Have you adapted your marketing methods and collateral to be more interactive?

Why it Matters: Knowing who your target is and what they want out of the advertiser-advertisee relationship is fundamental to effectively marketing to them. Just showing them ad after ad after ad is unlikely to endear you or build your brand. Showing them marketing meant for another medium and forced into social ads is also unlikely to be successful.

We Need a Facebook Page for Our Business! It increases sales!

What We Ask: What purpose does your Facebook page serve? How are you going to support it and grow it into an effective marketing tool?

Why it Matters: The key is the difference between good content and good marketing. Creating or sharing good content is worthless if it does not drive traffic to your site. Much like your website, simply existing is not enough. You need to create and share content which reinforces your branding and drives traffic to your site.

We Need to Post More! More! More!

What We Ask: What are you posting? Why? Has it worked in the past?

Why it Matters: High quantity rarely beats high quality in contents. Giving your fans something that they genuinely like and want to share with their friends is far more effective than shoving 100 posts/week down their throats. Equally important is the post's relevancy. Posting something which you spent a lot of time on but which does not resonate with your audience is not a good use of your marketing capital, either.

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We show online respect to your customers, products, and brands as if they were ours.
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