• Viral Marketing: It's What Everyone's Talking About
  • Viral Marketing: It's What Everyone's Talking About
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What is viral marketing? You've probably heard it's Free Shares Likes #Hashtags Retweets How You Succeed Revolutionary Magic Videos and Stuff What The Kids Do

Totally Technical Definition:

Simply put, viral marketing is a marketing technique to achieve marketing objectives (such as sales or brand awareness) by having your content or message shared by people who actually find it worth sharing without paying additional costs to get it in front of extra eyes. You start with a message in some format; video, images, post, and it is spread by the people viewing it like a virus (get it?!), beginning with one person and spreading quickly to others, as opposed to most traditional and internet marketing which relies of paying per click or view and gets your ad out to a pre-determined number of viewers, quite possibly uninterested ones.

Since You asked - More Great Info:

Viral marketing consists, broadly, of two parts: Content and Seeding. Whether you use a viral marketing company to promote your business or you make a video of your cat and share it on Youtube, the process boils down to those two components. Content is what you hope to be shared, seeding is the act of putting your content in front of people who will like it and spread it.

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Viral Marketing is All About Participation.

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