• Balance is everything.

Custom Software Development Policy

Our Custom Software Development Commandments:

  1. System and custom software development is to be carried out by System Engineers, not programmers. You would have a carpenter design the blueprint for your house, treat your software investment the same.
  2. In order to create the best system software possible for our clients, we must first learn their needs as if they were our own. To do this right, we must first earn the Client's full trust and cooperation.
  3. Identify the client's real requirements, then build exactly the kind of system that they really need.
  4. Have vision; build a well-balanced system that has room to grow with the client's potential future needs.

A message from our chief System Engineer, Hiroshi Hibino

When a company decides to implement a new software system solution into their operation, they absolutely need to expect, and deal with the fact that that each and every level and department will want their individual needs represented in that software. Each section has its own wish-list, and there is usually a period when representatives from each section will strongly plead their individual cases. The operators, the accounting department, the warehouse, the CEOs ALL have different make-it-or-break-it demands for the new software that can’t be ignored, but often can all be fulfilled without compromising data or workflow integrity. While the person in charge of having the system developed (CEO, CIO, President) needs to take these demands and desires into account, ultimately the most important thing is to create a system that is best for the company as a whole.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard "This system is totally useless" or "It ended up costing three times the originally planned budget!" from corporations and companies that have spent hundreds of thousands to millions on implementing a new system software solution.

Sadly, in my almost 20 years of experience, very few people have anything good to say about software companies and the systems they develop at all.

This is what drives me.

As an Engineer, as an Artisan, and as a person who works in this sector and takes great pride in developing software based solutions,it's an embarrassment to have system software engineering and custom software development seen in such a negative light and I wanted to give a brief overview of why software development can go so wrong.

I’ve broken down a little about what it takes for things to go right, and why things go wrong in custom system software development. What I realized is that the first problem lies within the software companies, and that the second problem (dare I say this?) is with the clients themselves. Custom software systems are a long-term investment and if both parties involved aren't on the same page at all times, things can go very wrong. I will go into the causes of these problems, as well as lay out a slightly technical flow of what makes a system good in the next couple of pages.

I encourage you to find our more about what makes a system (software) good and why software projects go bad.

-Hiroshi Hibino
Chief System Engineer
Artisan Crew Engineering

A Final Note on Our Custom Software Development Policy

Have you ever noticed that most big corporations stick a picture of pretty people in business suits talking on the phone somewhere on their site? Usually on the top page? We at ACE Inc. decided that instead of trying to make software development sexy by *JUST* using pretty people, we'd create products designed for your exact needs, on time, that help you make a lot more money. Now what could be sexier than that?