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Examples of custom ACE Inc. mobile applications & software

Your imagination is the limit. (And your needs and budget)

It's easy to list the features of a packaged software solution; what it has is what you get. With a custom software solution, because it is built to suit precisely your business, your needs (and budget) are the only limitations to what you can get. But it would still be nice to see what we can make for you, right?

We'll use, as an example, a custom mobile sales order and management system we developed for a multinational company. Remember, this is how the custom software was done for them, and just one small sample of all the possible features available if you choose to do it the ACE way.

Easy-to-use interface:

  • Pull-downs and multiple look up / search screens
  • Highly flexible search functions
  • Flexible sort order
  • Easy-to-understand screens, information colorized, visible, like software you'd use on your PC, not the current hard-to-use, hard-to-see mobile packages
  • Highly detailed input / selection help
  • Filtering functions
  • Ability to select all
  • Ability to adjust row and column width
  • Both handwritten and keyed in input

Flexible customization:

  • Set all and any necessary input restrictions
  • Set all and any necessary login restrictions and security
  • Have the ability to change pull-down information by user
  • 3 different input options per field: barcode scanner input, input from list, direct input (stylus, keypad)
  • Data upload destination selection
  • Data upload destination error recovery

Other possible custom mobile system features-customize virtually any feature to meet virtually any complex, irregular, or unique operation by:

  • Industry
  • Process
  • Business Model
  • Sales Flow
  • Business Logic
  • Federal or Mandated Requirements
  • And More

Flexible Mobile Software

Perfect For Unusual or Complex Pricing Structures

Our software is flexible enough to work with the complexities of your unique business. Your custom software will easily handle complex pricing due to:


Set pricing levels by customer or customer type


Auto adjust prices levels by order quantity for individual products or product groups

Sales level authority

Configure authority levels that allow senior personnel to price below cost but do not allow junior staff to do so.

Minimum order requirements

Set minimum order requirements by vendor or product.

Security Features

Optional Security Features Keep Your Mobile Software Safe

Custom Mobile Sale Systems

PDA Software Packages

Custom Mobile Sales Order Management Systems

Unlike many existing mobile PDA software packages currently available, the mobile resource provided by ACE Inc. can hold a massive number of records - and without "hanging" like some of them do. ACE Inc.'s mobile system applications can hold hundreds of thousands of records directly on your mobile device, and still provide a lightning-quick response time. This is the ACE development difference.

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